Do you need a Customs broker for importing into Canada? Find here!


Importing goods from another country into Canada is not the easiest task. All your imports and exports would be monitored by the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA). No matter whether you want to start a new business, get a pert, or import a car to Canada from USA, keeping up with the rules and regulations is often the hardest task. On paper, clearing an import may seem like an easy process, but without adequate understanding of international trade laws and applicable duties, mistakes are likely. That’s precisely where a Customs broker can help. 

Not mandatory

Before anything else, let’s get one thing out of the conversation – Hiring a Canadian Customs broker is not mandatory. When you are importing goods, you have to ensure that every document is ready for clearance at the port of arrival. For importers and businesses that are focused on movement of goods, dealing with the CBSA and handling the overall documentation are not immediate priorities. While those aspects are critical for their business in general, they would rather hire a customs broker to get things done. 

What does a Customs broker do?

Customs brokers in Canada are licensed by the CBSA, and they are typically members of “the Canadian Society of Customs Brokers”. Customs brokers can be just involved in basic work for clearing goods for customers, or may also have a consulting role when working for regular importers. In general, Customs brokers – 

  1. Get documentation ready for clearance of goods
  2. Ensure that all compliance requirements and customs regulations are adhered to
  3. Prepare the declaration and submit the same to CBSA for clearance at port of arrival

Reviewing the benefits

There are several advantages of hiring Customs brokers for your importing needs. The biggest challenge for importers and exporters is to keep up with the changes in laws, policies, and regulations. With advanced software and tech, Customs brokers can also handle of your shipments with ease. They have the expertise, clarity, and manpower to manage requirements of clients. Also, Customs brokers often have a huge role in enhancing efficiency in importing, and they may work with clients for importing from other countries, by decoding international trade laws. 

Working with a Customs broker is more about easing imports and exports, while mitigating risks at the same time. Most brokers are easily accessible online, and you can expect regular support on all relevant matters pertaining to your import business. 


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