Why Businesses Should Consider Printed Boxes Using Flexography


Customized printed boxes are a cost-effective and innovative way to increase your business brand, draw attention, and aid customers in easily recognizing your goods. Just think of the last product you bought online. If it was an internet or digital product then chances are that you got it from a company that specializes in internet marketing. It is almost impossible to remember the site name of the company’s product without looking at their printed box or catalogue. This is where customized printed boxes come in handy.

RSC boxes provide an ideal way for promoting your company, as well as increasing sales. The best part about custom printed boxes is that they can be customized with any type of message you’d like to include, regardless of size and format. Small business owners benefit the most from this type of advertising because they have limited funds to spend on marketing. Using custom printed boxes will enable them to print any type of information they want on their boxes. This means that small businesses can print the address, telephone number, logo, motto, or special promotion they would like to use.

RSC boxes offer high quality printing that is fast and economical. Unlike flexographic printing, the printing process for RSC boxes does not require ink, toner, or a drying medium to transfer the image or design to cardboard. All that is needed is pressure to seal the box and your printed packaging boxes will be ready for shipment. This means that the entire process of printing takes place in just one day. Printing companies utilize a special UV liquid that allows the color to shine through while offering a high gloss appearance.

There are many reasons why RSC printing is a better choice than standard printing when it comes to custom cardboard boxes. First, RSC boxes offer a more professional appearance and feel. They are also made with heavy cardstock, which offers superior moisture resistance. Flexography is the process used to create the images on standard boxes, but when applied to a RSC product, there is no distortion. Standard box designs are usually coated with gloss varnish, which provides a lower gloss and can be wiped clean with a normal office cleaning solution.

Custom printed packaging boxes can also provide a great opportunity for you to advertise your business. Because they are so eye-catching and feature a custom look and feel, your promotion will be seen right away. People will notice the logo on the top of the box, the address, or the slogan that is featured on the side of the box. The best part about these products is that they are also very durable and can withstand harsh treatment during shipping. With the growing trend of eco-friendly packaging, you can provide an effective way for your customers to make their impact known by purchasing your eco-friendly products.

The advantages of using corrugated cardboard as your packaging material are plentiful. The best part about using these printed boxes using flexographic printing technology is the flexibility that it provides. Because these boxes are made up of thick corrugated cardboard, it is easy to see exactly where the boxes have been printed. This enables you to create flawless, high-end designs, perfect for the environment, your customers, and your brand. Your customers will love the fact that you are supporting a green product with eco-friendly packaging and will continue to buy your products every time.