How Roll Guards and Cradle Can Help with Product Logistics


The global logistics industry is vital to global trade and commerce. The importance of goods packaging can never be overestimated. Today, more companies and customers are happy to adopt molded pulp packaging as the world takes action to remedy the environmental situation caused by centuries of intense human activities.

What are Roll Guards and Cradles?

Roll guards and cradles are creative packagings made from recycled fiber. They enhance the protection and transportation of all roll and cylindrical goods across diverse industries. Today, many companies adopt roll guards and cradle to move and store their products safely; the logistics industry is seeing a larger adoption of these innovative sustainable packaging.

What are the Major Challenges of Logistics?

Here are some challenges that logistic companies experience today:

  •     Logistics costs
  •     Low Efficiency
  •     Personnel shortage
  •     Protection of goods
  •     Government regulations
  •     Negative environmental impact

How Can Roll Guards and Cradle Help?

Lowering logistics cost: The cost of moving goods is increased by several factors; chief among them is the expense of producing packaging for goods. Roll guards and cradles are made from molded pulp packaging, which is cheaper than other packaging solutions. Roll guards also increase logistic efficiency, making it easy to load and unload goods for transport.

Biodegradable material: Roll guards and cradles are made from biodegradable materials that can be recycled several times before degradation. They typically last two years before degrading, and when that happens, no toxic materials are released into the environment. By using roll guards, logistic companies don’t have to worry about littering the environment with harmful materials. With roll guards and cradles, logistic companies can also meet several government regulations concerning sustainable packaging.

Reliable protection: During transportation, goods may be susceptible to mechanical damage from bumps and also exposure to moisture. But roll guards and cradles help to reduce that risk. They hold goods firmly in place during transportation, eliminate wearing friction and unnecessary movement, and finally absorb condensed moisture. That helps to keep the integrity of goods during shipment and removes the need for logistic companies to bear avoidable losses.

Improving work processes: Logistic companies can incorporate automation to increase faster loading and unloading of goods with molded pulp packaging. Roll guards are easy to use or remove, and where there are not enough workers, logistic companies can deploy automated machines to handle the job.

Roll guards and cradle are helping more companies to improve their logistic businesses by providing affordable, sustainable, and efficient packaging for goods.

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