Tips for opening a new retail location in 2022


As things slowly get back to normal in the wake of the recent pandemic, many companies are looking to re-open their retail locations once more. However, the retail landscape – like many other areas of life – has changed. 

So, you may be wondering how you can put your best foot forward when opening a new retail location in 2022. Well, this is where we come in. 

Here are our top tips for opening a new retail location in 2022. 

Hire a Facilities Management Company

For starters, cleanliness is more important than ever. Your customers have higher expectations when it comes to safety, with many people likely perceiving a trip to your location as a potential risk. 

Hiring a facilities management company will allow you to ensure that your space is as clean as possible so your customers can feel safe and protected. Not only this, they will be trained to the highest of standards, so you can feel confident that the job is being done correctly. 

Ensure your staff deliver top customer service

One of the biggest selling points of online shopping is convenience. What it lacks, however, is the personal touch that retail can provide. This is why, if you want your retail location to succeed in 2022, you need to provide your customers with exceptional service. 

If you can make them feel special, they will be happy to return again for a similar experience. This is how you can generate repeat customers and word of mouth traffic through your doors. 

Promote, Promote, Promote! 

Simply opening a new location isn’t enough to attract customers. Just as relying solely on passersby to walk in is a losing strategy. In order to succeed, you need to promote your store as much as possible

Start by generating as much excitement as possible before you open. This way, you can get customers excited before you’ve even opened for business. 

Next, hold a grand opening that you can invite your customers and some influencers to. This will effectively spread the word about your new location. 

Finally, ensure you have a strong online presence to promote your store, along with any future deals, promotions, or events that you may have. 

Integrate the real world with the digital

Customers will expect you to have all the features of a modern store. This may include services like click-and-collect, contact-free payments, and even access to financial or credit services such as by now, pay later schemes in store. 

These features will encourage more sales as customers will feel they have more purchasing power. 

Create unique experiences

Lastly, you need to make your retail location unique. Perhaps you could add a plugin selfie mirror in your fitting rooms? Offer a personal shopping experience? Or design your store with a unique theme to set yourself apart from your competition? These are just some suggestions – don’t be afraid to get creative! 

Final Thoughts

There you have it! Our top tips for opening a brand new retail location in 2022 – good luck!