Why It Is Important To Have Car Shipping Quotes


When you are planning to move to a new place, a lot of things run through your mind, starting from packing your belongings to shipping your vehicle. Now, with enhanced transport facilities, you can ship your car or other vehicles easily by hiring professional auto transporters. You can call them to have more information about the ways to ship your car. 

While hiring an auto shipping company, one must consider several factors such as carriers, pick and drop, duration, scheduled date, cost, and more. One of the popular names in the auto transport industry is Ship a car, Inc. They offer services at competitive car shipping prices. Visit their website to request a quote. 

Car shipping quotes depend upon many factors. A vehicle transporter will consider all the factors affecting the cost of shipping before quoting you the final estimate. Once you get the quote from your auto transporter, you could compare it with others in the market to get the best possible price. However, make sure it’s not the only deciding factor. 

Here are the facts you need to consider –

Distance of the location where you need to transport your vehicle is an important factor. Further the place, higher will be the cost. This is because the transporters need to pay more to the driver of the carrier vehicle and rise in fuel costs. 

The mode of shipping chosen by the customer changes the cost of auto transportation. If you chose open carrier transporting, then the cost is less. However, if you consider a closed carrier, the shipping of the car is costlier. 

Vehicle model and size also affect the cost. Large size vehicles need a larger place on the carrier truck, and thus the cost is more. Some clients shipping their new model of car prefer to take extra care of their vehicle, thus opt to have them properly covered. They chose a closed carrier to save their vehicle from dust and dirt while it is shipped to the desired destination. 

 Some customers opt for pick services for their vehicle from their home and drop it at a given address. Some like the vehicles to be washed before it is driven to the given address at the new location. Often people need immediate shipping of their vehicle and are ready to pay an extra for it, as they can’t afford to waste time. All these kinds of special services may increase the cost of shipping your car to a new place. 

Check whether the car shipping company is trustable. It is because they have your vehicle till it is shipped to a new place. The car needs to be transported without any damage. You can know the reputation of the company by going through their customer reviews. You can drop the transporter having lots of negative comments from your list. Lastly, check if the auto shipping company is covered. Their insurance company should be able to bear the damage done to your vehicle in unforeseen circumstances during shipping.