Steven Taylor- Successful Journey Of An Inventor, Entrepreneur, And Philanthropist 


Sweet Concepts & Propaganda offers promotional gift products that have a strong appeal to everyone. No gift can come close to personalized sweets. It doesn’t matter if you want to appeal to a crowd at a business expo or desire an affordable thank-you give away at an event. Try the Mint-It Cube as a promotional gift option because it is wonderful, patented, and popular as an organization gets to print its promotional message and brand logo on six sides. At trade shows and conventions, things get hectic, many booth visitors will appreciate a quick snack and influence them to linger a little longer to gain familiarity with your products or services.

Stephen Taylor is a protuberant Jewish businessman, founder, and CEO of Sweet Concepts & Propaganda, a promotional confectionery gifting product brand in the UK. It is the biggest supplier of promotional sweets suitable for every event.

Stephen started with a small project of selling wrapped promotional mints. He saw that restaurants had a bowl full of mint on their counter. Every customer that stood there to pay bills would put their hand in the bowl and take a mint to pop in their mouth. It seemed unhygienic. So, he got this bright idea of making wrapped mints, which businesses can use to customize the wrapper with their message. Selling was a hard part but he was resilient and consistently moved forward. He gained practical training and knowledge of managing the business.

Today, promotional sweets from Sweet Contacts & Propaganda are sold in different forms for efficient promotion all across the world including the USA, the Middle & Far East, and Europe. Stephen and his dedicated team designed the popular Mint Twister, which was a challenge. Some of the products created are mind-blowing and so it carries a global trademark.

Stephen believes that entrepreneurship is not easy to attain and is not a task for the faint-hearted. He adored every second of the journey as he had clarity and even with a lot of hurdles, he managed to overcome them with a few twists in their strategy.

Stephen was not just an innovator and a successful entrepreneur, he was also a great philanthropist. He firmly believes in giving back to his local communication and encourages other to live a life supporting their communities. He supports in multiple ways including donations, fundraising, volunteering, offering advice, and promoting awareness. Offering your time and getting involved with granular food bank operations offers greater satisfaction than one finds in seeing a promotional campaign finish successfully.

He started indulging in charity as a teenager and helped to promote underprivileged child education. The fund-raising committee he started with is today very popular.

Religious-minded people believe that when you give God returns the favor with interest. An atheist-minded person loves to do some good deeds in life including charity work. Stephen had amazing experiences that cannot be described but the results were game-changing. It doesn’t mean you don’t have to make effort but the hard work you put in brings pre-destined outcomes. Unconditional giving means no expectation of getting back but you need to do it for your satisfaction.