Is It Possible To Learn To Play The Piano By Yourself?


You need to be aware of the advantages and disadvantages of self-learning. This way, you will know whether or not learning piano on your own is right for you or you can visit website.


You can find all the content you need to learn to play the piano on the internet.

You can find an « online teacher » with whom you identify. That is a piano teacher whose content, style, and method you like.

You will have no obligations. You can learn whenever and wherever you want at your own pace.


There is no precise method on the internet. You can often spend more time looking for good content than learning and practicing the instrument.

You will find it more challenging to ask questions.

You may unknowingly develop bad habits (wrong hand position, wrong interpretation of songs, etc.).

Now that you have a better view of what self-taught learning would entail, we’ve broken down the first few questions you need to answer that will help you reach your goal:

What methods have you enjoyed and made progress with in the past?

Did you have a teacher?

How long did you study alone to progress?

What would be the best deal for you to learn to play the piano?

What’s the best way to learn to play the piano?

The best way is the one that best suits your needs. For this, we share different methods you can choose from.

Do you already have a knowledge base that will be useful for studying piano?

  • What are your strengths in learning new skills?
  • What are your weaknesses in learning new skills?
  • What is your ultimate goal with piano study?
  • When would you like to achieve this goal?

We separate an example of concrete answers to help you:

  1. School Of Music

A music school will allow you to take regular lessons from a piano teacher. You will also learn about music theory, allowing you to read piano sheet music.

  1. Private Piano Teacher

With a private teacher, you will have the advantage of having classes at home. It is important to remember that for this, you will need to have an acoustic or digital piano. Remember: each teacher has their working methods. It’s up to you to see with the teacher how he can adapt to your needs. 

You can easily find private lessons online if you have a recommendation; even better!

  1. Youtube Channel

A YouTube channel will allow you to find lessons and content to learn to play the piano which can be gotten from Schimmel Piano dealer for example for free. For this, there are different ways to do your search:

You can search for a specific exercise or song and choose a channel that suits your needs.

Another option is to look for a channel you like and watch each proposed content.

  1. Application

Are you one of those people who quickly learn the rules of a mobile game?

Then maybe an app like Simply Piano is perfect for you. This app lets you learn to play the piano in a more fun way. 

Attention: with this method, you will not get advice from professionals.

  1. Online piano school

If you’re looking for a combination of online lessons and a real teacher, you’d probably be a good fit for an online piano school. More and more music schools have offered courses with the option of distance learning (EAD). In addition, some schools only offer distance learning courses, such as Music Dot.