What Are The Main Types Of Tungsten Electrodes?


As we said in the previous topic, tungsten electrodes are available in different colors according to the purpose and material to be welded. While searching for the right accessory for your needs, you will find options such as:

Tungsten Electrode With Red Tip 

The tungsten electrode such as in Tungco for example with a red tip is one of the most used models in the daily lives of professionals. It is extremely resistant to contamination and easy to ignite, helping to deliver great jobs. It also promotes good arc stability. It is a recommended alternative for welding in direct current (DC) TIG welding processes. In addition, it can be used in welding carbon steel, stainless steel, titanium, and nickel alloys. It succeeds in AC processes on aluminum as well. Its measurements are 2.4 mm x 150 mm or 3.2 mm x 150 mm. Just choose the best solution for your activities.

Gold Tip Tungsten Electrode 

The gold-tipped model is an electrode recommended for use in different processes. In addition to these characteristics, the gold-tipped tungsten electrode has 1.5% lanthanum in its chemical composition. 

For this reason, it tends to be a product that provides high durability and superior resistance compared to other electrodes. 

During the purchase, you can select the size suitable for your welding processes: 2.4 mm x 150 mm or 3.2 mm x 150 mm. In addition to these options, several others can be found in stores, such as green-tipped, blue-tipped, white-tipped, and gray-tipped electrodes. It’s worth checking out its features to identify which model best meets your professional needs! 

Green Tungsten Electrode

The aluminum electrode in green color indicates the lowest cost item. It contains 99.50% tungsten and offers an excellent arc stability index, especially when used in alternating current (AC). This model is not recommended for direct current (DC) welding, unlike the other electrodes. In addition, one of the characteristics of this product is that it has little resistance compared to previous types. So, it is valid to consider all the technical specifications before buying the electrode. 

Gray Tungsten Electrode

There is also the gray electrode. It is an item manufactured especially to be used at low currents. It has an excellent opening index and arc stability and durability in the right measure when used in direct current (DC). For example, the gray tungsten electrode is indicated for several applications, such as smaller cords and more delicate parts.

Red Tungsten Electrode

Red was developed to be used in processes where there are high currents. It is mainly recommended for direct current (DC) welding. In addition, it is a product that offers a low level of contamination and wears. Due to this, it manages to promote an excellent arc opening. 


These are some of the Tungsten Carbide Pellets, tungsten electrodes that can be found on the market. It is a resistant, dynamic product full of special characteristics that can positively contribute to the welding processes, helping you to deliver the results that your customers so desire.