What Are The Advantages Of Cardboard?


Cardboard remains an essential packaging whether for the industrial sector as product packaging, the postal sector as shipping packaging, or even the removals sector as transport crate. Why is cardboard, and also packaging Poly Bags still in such high demand? What are its strengths? Discover below a list of the main qualities of cardboard.

  1. The Carton Is Strong

Contrary to popular belief, cardboard is a resistant material that can support loads of several tens of kilos once transformed into a box. This is why it is used to transport your belongings during a move.

This is due to its composition: the wall of the cardboard, called the “groove,” determines the thickness of the cardboard packaging. It consists of one or more corrugated paper(s) between two flat papers. When there is a single corrugated paper between the two flat papers, it is called “single corrugated cardboard.” When there are two, we speak of “double-fluted cardboard.” When there are three, we speak of “triple-flute cardboard.” We stop here for the number of grooves!

Of course, the more flutes a box has, the stronger it will withstand heavy loads. Thus, if you wish to pack fragile and heavy objects, it is preferable to use double or even triple-corrugated cardboard. You can settle for a single corrugated box for light or less fragile objects.

  1. Cardboard Is Versatile

If there is one packaging that can be used for many purposes, it is cardboard! It can very well serve:

  • transport crate for a move or a delivery
  • shipping packaging for small parcel mailings
  • packaging for products of all kinds (perfume, food, IT, toys, medicines, etc.)
  • storage and storage boxes for your archives and other objects that you do not use often

It is therefore used in all aspects of modern life, which is unlikely to make it fall into oblivion!

  1. Cardboard Is Convenient

Indeed, cardboard packaging is practical because it takes up little space when not in use. Just lay it flat and store it somewhere in your home. You can even decide to store several dozen boxes flat next to each other, and this storage will be very space-saving, which is an advantage over rigid plastic or wooden bins. But that’s not all: even when it is mounted in a box and contains objects, its storage remains simple and practical thanks to its rectangular shape! Stack the boxes on top of each other. As they are closed by solid flaps, the box’s upper part remains flat, allowing boxes to be stacked without difficulty.

  1. Cardboard Is Eco-Friendly And Recyclable

Finally, the last advantage and not the least: the cardboard packaging like in Brandt Box for example is ecological. Compared to its main competitor, plastic, it only has advantages for the environment: 

it is recyclable, which makes it possible to reuse the same material to create new packaging (no need to cut down a new tree!),

it is biodegradable,

it disintegrates much more quickly in nature: it takes 5 months for cardboard while it takes 1000 years for plastic!

All these advantages make cardboard a preferred packaging for all our human activities but also to preserve our beautiful planet!