Lewiston is an Affordable Place to Relocate with Excellent Job Opportunities


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Idaho is no longer the Gem state that was known for its natural resources or nature. It is now the fastest-growing city with major job opportunities. The growth of the Gem state cannot be missed as more people from other states move to Idaho. In the last five years, Californians were the maximum to shift to this place.

Apart from Boise, the capital of Idaho, Lewiston is another city that is loved by people. The top industries in Lewiston are paper and timber production, transportation, and healthcare. Currently, Idaho is considered to have the lowest unemployment rate. People love relocating to Lewiston because of its natural beauty and landscape as well as job opportunities.

Not only California, but most western residents are looking for jobs in the fastest growing city. However, traveling from the western side to Idaho is time-consuming, especially by road. For example, the time taken from California to Idaho by road is 19 hours. If you’re relocating you can look for moving services and auto transport services, at the same time. At least you can save your commuting time by traveling by air and let the shipping company deliver your vehicle with safety at your door.

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Benefits of Living in Lewiston


Lewiston has a good livability score. The crime rate is low in the city, it consists of a good education system, and the cost of living is average. This means a person residing in Lewiston can afford a decent life for his or her family. Majority of people in Lewiston are homeowners. This means buying a house in Lewiston is affordable.

Cost of Living

The first thing that people consider before relocating to a new city is the standard of living of the city. On that note, Lewiston has a low standard of living than the national average. Compared to other cities in the neighboring area, Lewiston has a low cost of living. This means the cost of fuel, groceries, utilities, housing costs, transportation, health care, and other goods and services is quite low.


The state of Idaho in all is considered the safest place in the US. It has the lowest crime rate compared to other states in the Western part of the US. Thus, the crime rate in Lewiston has to be less. Before Boise, Lewiston was the capital of Idaho. Thus, the infrastructure and safety rules are strict in the city.


Idaho has received good reviews from the Washington Streets Journal for a good education system. Lewiston ranks high on state-wise and national levels compared to other cities in Idaho. The overall education system of Lewiston is well-planned.

Whether you’re new in Lewiston or a local who has stayed for years in the city, the residents keep the charm of the city alive.