How To Do AB Test Youtube Thumbnails Without Tubebuddy Software?


AB Test For Youtube Thumbnails

Many people have stepped into the world of youtube marketing. YouTubers must try to make their videos with higher CTR so that your videos rank top in the search results. Youtube thumbnails are one of the defining factors for the number of clicks and likes you are going to get for your video post. If the thumbnail itself is not up to the mark or it could not reach enough viewers, then it will seriously affect the overall reach of your video. Better go for the A/B test and then either decide the best thumbnail you have or make your thumbnails the best by improving their content and thus result in them getting more clicks and views. This A/B testing is also known as split testing and bucket testing and if you are worried about you losing your money for getting this test done via tube buddy software then, you could stop worrying for you will be able to do the AB test youtube thumbnails without Tubebuddy software. 

How To Do The A/B Testing?

There are many paid options such as the tube buddy software for AB testing but not everyone around might have the financial stability to go and select paid options. Let’s see how one could get done with the AB test youtube thumbnails without Tubebuddy software and without paying any amount for it. You can compare your video with related videos available and find which one is better. 

Getting the AB test done requires only some of your time and once you understand the processes you will be able to get done with it easily. The very first thing one must do is to get to the analytics of the video that you want to test. For this do click on the “Content” tab that appears in the left panel once you logged in to the Channel Dashboard. Scroll down and find the video you want to run for the A/B test and then click on the “Analytics” symbol that displays on there. 


  • Try to run videos that are at least 28 days old on the youtube
  • If the video isn’t live for 28 days, the testing will become inaccurate as there won’t be enough data in the video for testing
  •  Either wait for some more days so that the video you have selected could reach 28 days or choose another video for the AB test youtube thumbnails without Tubebuddy software.

Let’s Continue With 28 Days Older Video

If the video is 28 days older, reach the date section and select the “ Last 28 days” and soon after that scroll down on the page and reach the “Impressions and how they led to watch time funnel” and then we could find the CTR metric there. Don’t forget to save the metric to a notepad along with the date. The “Details” icon in the left panel could help you to update the video with a new thumbnail you chose and hence if needed leave a click on the “Details”. All you have to do then is to wait for 28 days to accumulate data by your thumbnail. 

It is possible to do the AB test youtube thumbnails without Tubebuddy software, so do try it and thus save your money from leaving your side. Create effective and attractive thumbnails to attract the viewers and thus gain the best ranking and reach and get the test done to improve and choose the best.

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