How do customers feedback help to grow your salon/spa business?



Knowing your customer’s experience at your Salon is important! The reasons are many but the most important one is that they contribute to your business’s success. Whether it is negative or positive customer feedback, it is essential to know how your beauty business is performing. It gives you surety if your marketing efforts are on the right path or not. There is no wrong in considering this practice if your aim is to expand the business and ensure your online reputation. With this article, we are enlightening the importance of a customer feedback system and why your Salon must start collecting feedback.  Let’s dive deeper!

Why is customer feedback important for Salon business?

As the beauty business comes under a service-based industry and is truly customer-oriented, therefore it is essential to find out the customer’s likes and dislikes. Considering this, you can amend or change the services. Fulfilling the customer’s needs is vital to growing the business and ensures its regular workflow. Consequently, to find out the customer’s needs and wants, the Salon businesses must start the process of taking customer feedback. You can opt for the Salon software to make the process seamless. Generally, most solutions include the customer feedback form which you can send to their email, ask them to fill in, and give a true response. Otherwise, simply send the SMSs to the customer’s number either individually or in bulk from the all-in-one Beauty Salon booking system when they leave the Salon after getting served. Therefore, we can say that from the Salon feedback form, you can change the Salon business model.  Read on below to find out the benefits in detail:

Create Business Credibility

Nowadays, everyone searches the brands online before taking any service or purchasing any beauty product. Believingly, the age group of 18 to 34 years rely on reviews rather than personal advice. Also, they find that because of this information, they make their decision on which brand to pick. Assuredly, trust comes with credibility. It ensures a definite confirmation of the liked and preferred services. More positive customer feedback defines that you are a trusted salon business, delivers the best services, and are skilled enough.

Regular Communication with Customers

There is no one without handheld devices in this world, all have tablets, mobile phones, etc. They use it because of its high convenience. Considering so, they can leave or read the feedback of existing customers. Quick replies to customers for their reviews confirm their attentiveness and let you connect with them in a digital manner. And, yes, without the usage of social media handles, such as Instagram and Facebook. Replying promptly to the customer’s feedback ensures that you value them and their opinions. Of course, you are making it clear that- their voice is heard and the right steps have been taken. This will help you to Increase Salon Customers Reviews.

Show insights on the areas of improvement

If there are positive reviews then there are negative ones as well. This simply means they define where you have to improve or where you are performing well.  The customer feedback importance is not only about collecting their reviews but also identifying those areas that customers find valuable and you never noticed. Also, it lets you revert in a professional and positive way that will be noticed by others. The customers rely on your Salon business when they find you proactive in resolving the issues, no matter if it is small or big.

Proffers Useful and Constructive Criticism

No one prefers to experience unfair and horrible business reviews. Of course, it is important to take the bad as well. Getting yourself prepared for occasional or inevitable or negative reviews is essential. Does not matter how much the negative feedback is, it must be considered positive as well. Usually, customer feedback is the way to find out the issues in the business that must be improved or addressed. However, with stellar feedback, you do not need to be conscious because there are other positive one as well that define your brand credibility.

Undoubtedly, the way you are responding to them is even more important. Solve the issues customers are facing. The Salon software notifies when someone posts negative and lets you reply quickly to ensure customer satisfaction.

Improves Search Engine Optimization Performance

In addition to improving the online presence of your business, the feedback also improves your beauty business page visibility on local search engines. When the user types “salon near me”, then, the local and nearby spas and salons with the customers’ feedback are shown at the top.

Moreover, they also influence how your business ranking is online. Also, how promptly someone is able to find you a higher position. SEO is vital for organic searches also that makes the customer search for you. It gives your Salon information and business the desired promotion.

Unique “Word-of-mouth” Strategy

Despite the powerful digital marketing strategy, prospect customers prefer to trust references from their acquaintances or another client. However, there is no need to depend solely on a traditional word-of-mouth strategy to advertise your services. Though reviews are somehow the same word of mouth but are easy to trust because they are present online. Positively, one can easily ask for or obtain recommendations through the applications like Yelp, Nextdoor and so on. Therefore, you can make the process of reviewing as simple as making a booking.

Concluding Remarks

As of now, you must be well-versed with an idea that customer feedback is essential and ensure your Salon’s growth. Considerably, ask them after their visit to your Salon. If you have not started collecting then, do it now! You can send an email or SMS for the same.  Also, the Salon management software could be used to send messages either in masses or individually. It does not make the process hassle-free but, even, saves more effort and time. From the features integrated, an automatic way of sending mails can be set up and ensure regular business growth.

Are you leveraging customer feedback? How do you find it beneficial? Share your thoughts!


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