Features and Benefits of Inventory Financing


Inventory has been regarded as the backbone of any business operations, be it retailing, dealership, or manufacturing. But these inventories can also be a trouble for the businesses when they go through a lean business season and the majority of the investment gets locked up. Such cases lead to a shortage of funds that hinder a business’s operations and leave them on credit dues. To not get stuck in such situations, taking the help of inventory financing is going to be a saviour.

So before applying for any financing help, you must know all the benefits and features that this solution is going to bring with them.

Features and benefits

For every business to develop perfectly, it is very necessary to have a mobile business cycle of its stocks and inventories. To expand the operations and the reach of the inventories, a short-term business loan is an ideal solution.

  • Inventory expansion with high-value loans- There can be possibilities of availing high corpus fund allocation and go for inventory expansion likewise. This is also going to be a buffer solution ahead of any seasonal fluctuation.
  • Feasible repayment schedules- Most lenders provide businesses with flexible borrowing and repayment solutions. This enables the businesses to withdraw money as and when required and that must lie within a predetermined credit limit. The flexible interest rates are only charged on the amount that is withdrawn. The principal can be paid back in easy instalments too.
  • Advancement without collaterals- In most cases, the inventory finances are very much a relaxed option for an unsecured loan. The funding is collateral-free and you can invest in more stocks without pledging personal or business assets as security.
  • Quick and easy approval- This funding method is very easy to qualify for. There are no stringent qualification benchmarks and the finances can get approved through basic documentation. There can be lenders who can give you fund approval within as low as 24 hours depending on your business type and business history. You can easily meet your urgent monetary requirements with hassle-free and pre-approved offers.

These inventory loans from Accord inventory financing are nothing but a large revolving credit option that helps the businesses to pay upfront for their inventory items. In most cases, this inventory does not get sold off immediately and hence they can secure it to derive money to meet other overhead costs.