Consequences of Not Hiring a Car Accident Attorney


Car accidents can be catastrophic and unfortunate due to various factors like rough road conditions, speeding, failure to yield, etc. Since a car accident can be unexpected, a person who is driving a vehicle on the roads should follow all the precautionary measures like wearing seatbelts, following the traffic rules, and being at an eligible age to drive. 

The impact of an unforeseen accident can result in severe losses, and the victim has the right to seek a claim as a fair settlement. Hence, getting in touch with a Houston car accident attorney is essential because only an attorney can provide effective legal advice on successfully gaining a fair claim value.

Here are some consequences of not hiring a car accident attorney:

  • The unfair settlement as claim

In most cases, the insurance company will try to minimize the compensation amount and cut it to an unfair settlement. The insurance company most likely aims at turning the case against you, somehow claiming that there is not enough evidence or the injury was not caused due to the accident. Only if you have an attorney will ensure that you are provided with a fair settlement. Additionally, he would fight for the best deal out of the claim with multiple defense strategies.

  • Silent negotiation by the other party

Although you might have involved the insurance company in getting compensation for the losses incurred, the other party’s insurance company may have to provide a lump sum amount as compensation due to the severity of the case. Hence, the other party will try to make a silent negotiation with you outside the case, which is illegal. You might be unclear and feel that the negotiation is fair, but the settlement you will get via the insurance claim might be more. Only if you have an attorney, he will ensure that you are not distracted by unwanted negotiations. 

  • Stressful thinking about the case

It is natural for a person to feel stressed and frustrated after an accident because the losses incurred and the medical costs for the injuries can be high. Additionally, the fight for the claim single-handedly can be an added pressure, and you might start to feel burned out. If the case is complicated, there are chances that you would want to give up as well. Hence, if you have hired an attorney, all the legal aspects involving emotional support will be dealt with by him, and you can have peace of mind thinking that your case is handled by an experienced professional.