Workplace Signs – Boost Your Motivation With Well-Designed Office Branding


Are you suddenly boosting their self-esteem? Or are they beginning to worry about how stable or well-established your organization is? Well-designed political office signage can make or break a call. High-quality glass and metal signs can instill confidence.

Assume you stroll into a legal firm or a doctor’s office. You are about to pay them thousands of dollars for their services. You walk to the front counter and see their identity, picture, and brand logo written in cheap plastic lettering or, worse, foam lettering on the wall. Does that make you feel “solid”? Or is it more of a “let’s simply put anything cheap up there” emotion? Assume you’re gazing at an expert display. Is the metal solidly cut? Have you perhaps engraved glass?

Excellent. So your client is persuaded, and that remains essentially in his or her mind throughout the meeting!

Stuff to Remember

Understand that style is essential. I don’t believe that any “quick” corner sign shop can perform great structural signs. You have to have a company that specializes in glass and metal branding. You can accurately render your brand using the appropriate material, texture, and shade and recommend options for office sign-on panels that use structural stand-off components—bold and vivid patterns, subtle metallic contrasts, the beauty of nickel and glass, etc. “You get only one opportunity to create the first impact,” as the adage goes.

Is it big, brilliant, and annoying? What Size Can Your Office Sign Be?

There are various methods for determining the size of your office logo sign. The very first element you should is the large limit of the space where the sign will be hung.

Put the duck tape on the wall in the approximate shape and size of the logo symbol as you envision it. Step back and look at the recorded shape from every aspect. Align it, adjust the size as necessary, and use your discretion to judge when it appears correct. Do not even jam the sign; instead, leave enough blank wall space around this one. Consider the vacant wall area to be a frame of a kind. When you’ve decided on a size, directly measure both the horizontal and vertical components and take note of both.

Once you’ve determined the large limit of your board, you may calculate how big the character will be. Your signage manufacturer will determine the actual dimensions of the lettering, although you may approximate quite accurately on your own. Simply add the number of letters across the line, add 1/3 to 1/2 as many characters to account for space, then split the total number by the width you recorded in the previous step. Note that 2″ letters can be read from 10 to 15 paces away. For every 20 feet added to the distance, add one inch of letter height. Those are, of course, the bare minimum. The bigger your letters, the easier they will be to read.

There have been no hard-fast guidelines for establishing how large, bright, and attractive your office sign should be. Maintain the design and “luminance” in keeping with your product/brand, and use your better judgment to establish the proper size with the help of a tape measure and duct tape. Rational thinking, independent opinion, and a professional approach will typically assist you in determining what is appropriate for your business sign.