Boost Morale with These Company Events Ideas


Undoubtedly, ensuring your employees are happy can make a world of difference. When they feel happy, inspired, and appreciated, they work better and they are more productive—and that’s just for starters. While there are countless ways to make your employees happy, one of the most effective is holding company events.

Campaign event companies can provide expert help when it comes to creating memorable company events that employees are sure to appreciate. If you are considering hosting events that inspire employees and boost their morale, below are some of the ideas campaign event companies might recommend:

Weekly “Best Of” Contest

Start by picking a specific theme for each week. Employees can then vote for their team members for fun categories such as best-looking desk, best dressed employee, or most creative pitch. You can also look into seasonal ideas like most holiday spirit or most ready for fall.

Company Field Day

Pick a specific day during fall or spring and let everyone out of the office to get their adrenaline and blood pumping. You can search for fun and interactive field day activities and games online as a start. You can decide whether you want something relaxed or competitive.

Get Cooking

You can whip up some tasty fun by hiring a chef to teach all attendees to make something they will enjoy. Ensure the demonstrations are simple. If you are feeling more adventurous, you can also take everyone to an offsite kitchen where they can get a more hands-on training.

Create Your Own “Viral Video”

Check out the latest video craze—is it a frozen or flash mob or some weird food eating contest? Whatever the latest trend is (as long as it is fun and safe), get everyone to create their own versions. You can also post the winning video(s) on your website to give customers and prospects some idea of what the brand is like behind the scenes.

Volunteer Together

Consider a community service trip to encourage everyone to get together. Have people suggest places they would like to go to or volunteer in and choose a few among the suggestions. You can make this a quarterly trip so you can help out more while giving everyone the opportunity to bond and work on a common cause.

Leave Anonymous Notes

Consider having a “kindness day” each month. During said day, you will leave notes in random places so people can find them. You can leave fun pictures, motivational quotes, or inspirational sayings. Ensure they pop up so people can easily find them.

Provide Continuous Learning

Encourage employees to sign up for seminars or classes in their respective fields. You also have the option to make it a monthly thing where they can sign up for webinars or attend in-person “lunch and learn.” Encouraging people to learn more and master their fields of expertise can go a long way towards boosting their morale.

Be Thankful Day

Before Thanksgiving, you can ask employees to submit in writing the things they are thankful for for the year. This can be anything and everything, work-related or otherwise. You can place the notes anywhere in the office so other people can read them. It can be a great reminder of the good things that you need to be grateful for.

Hold an All-American Potluck

If you want to celebrate the Fourth of July in style, you can never go wrong with a company potluck. You can also ask employees to bring their favorite desserts and dishes. For a more cookout feel, you can also add hotdogs and burgers.