Awesome Event Marketing Examples


If you are planning your next event campaign, it is reassuring to know you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. If truth be told, there is no shortage of amazing event marketing examples you can look into. If you work with a campaign event company, they can also provide wonderful event marketing ideas that will suit your needs and budget.

The importance of hosting event marketing campaigns cannot be overstated. Not convinced? Consider this: a whopping $108 billion is spent on event marketing yearly in the United States. Also known as experiential marketing, at least 90% of nonprofits report it is one of the most important activities they engage in.

If you are looking for exceptional event marketing ideas, below are some of the best campaign event companies swear by:

User Conferences

User conferences can be very enticing for many people and industries. Since they typically have a theme that is relevant to the industry, they are also considered effective networking events. When hosting a user conference, make sure your company practices what your event preaches.

For instance, if you use the event to promote all-natural bath products, make sure you highlight your most popular items. You can take the experience a notch by using the products to provide an aromatic immersion your target audience can enjoy at the event. You can also design your decorations and marketing materials to match your theme.

Pop-Up Shops

Over the years, pop-ups have become quite popular. One of the most iconic examples of pop-ups was Rainbow Room’s tiki bar in 2019. The famous New York dining venue offered drinks, snacks, and festive tiki cocktails to all attendees.

While they typically cater to an upscale clientele, the pop-up gave other potential customers a chance to experience what they have to offer without needing to dress up. They also stayed true to their theme by offering cotton candy, rose sorbet, etc.

Networking Mixers and Events

Contrary to popular belief, networking events don’t have to be industry specific. However, they should help you expand your reach inside and outside of your local area. At least 72% of people reported that looks and handshakes done in the professional setting have helped influence their impression of a brand or company.

Clearly, there is great benefit in incorporating a personal touch to your event marketing. It would be ideal that you host an event that allows your target audience and other authorities in your industry to experience something authentic. Building a networking hub for people with shared interests is another great idea you can look into.

Some of the great examples include tech talk, couple’s night, and weekly book club. Another idea you can look into would be hosting an open house or an alumni mixer. If your business shares a common interest with organizations in your area, you can also team up with them to make your event even more interesting.

Lunch and Learns

Invite your donors, potential clients, and customers to join you for a memorable lunch as they learn about your business and brand. For example, if you are a nonprofit, you can teach attendees about your experience in the industry, what they can expect when they run a nonprofit, and how they can start one.

If you are running a business, you can attract potential customers by hosting a class for beginners or providing attendees with an opportunity to watch how your products are created. Lunch and learns also provide potential clients an opportunity to engage with your product or services in a hands-on way.