AccessiBe – Reach Out to Users with Disabilities Online


Reports by the CDC have revealed that there is one out of four people in the USA have a disability. As a business owner, the question is, is your website accessible to them? The regulations laid down under the ADA and the WCAG 2.1 have made web accessibility legally mandatory for business websites. Now, if a business fails to comply with the above regulations and laws, it is subject to lawsuits and hefty fines that will run into thousands of dollars.

AccessiBe protects your business from expensive lawsuits

AccessiBe is a popular leader in the world of web accessibility. It ensures that your site is fully compliant 100% daily. Thanks to the advanced technologies of artificial intelligence and machine learning, your business website stays compliant 24/7 daily.

Immediate solution for every business

This tool just needs to be installed on the site to start working immediately. The time for installation takes 5 minutes, and it starts to work silently in the background. Once the installation is over, businesses can forget about the tool and focus on their core functions without hassles. It will scan the contentof the site every 24 hours. Users with disabilities can choose the accessibility profile as per their preferences and activate the adjustments in a single click.

Even if new content is uploaded on the site, this tool scans the content to make it fully compliant in 48 hours. This means the business no longer has to fear lawsuits for non-compliance at all!

Web audit feature

If you are not sure whether your site is fully ADA and WCAG compliant or not, you can use the aCe feature under the tool to find out. This is a free feature, and all you need to do is enter the domain address on your site on the feature. With it, you will get a report that gives you a total picture of the accessibility levels of your site. You get an idea of which areas need fixing and can immediately get to work with them.

Cost-effective for your business

When it came to fixing accessibility issues in the past, business owners had to hire web developers. They checked every line in the site content and worked towards fixing gaps in web accessibility. The problem with this method was it took a long time. Moreover, the whole process was costly, and small business owners faced a lot of financial hardships. Along with the above work, the business had to bear costs for site maintenance as well. Even large companies struggled with compliance issues, which often led them to churn out thousands of dollars as hefty fines due to accessibility lawsuits.

Keeping the above in mind, AccessiBe stepped in as a relief. It is a cost-effective tool, and small businesses also find it affordable. There are a number of pricing plans that a business can choose from every month. They start from $49 a month. This means a business can choose the plan that matches their needs with the assurance that their sites are 100% fully compliant round-the-clock!