4 Stages of Residential Electrical Construction


Residential constructions start from scratch and involve several elements that work together to bring up the residence.  Of the various important elements of construction, electricity is one. It is crucial that the electrical installations are carried out precisely to ensure the safety of you and your family. 

Electrical installation and wirings cannot be undertaken by the layman and need a professional like NW Electrical Solutions residential electrician undoubtedly.  

The electrical construction for residential areas depends on how far the wall has been finished and is carried out in two phases- the rough in and finish. 

The entire process is carried out in stages by the electrical services. The stages have been briefly elaborated below- 

1] Temporary Electric and Underground Conduit

This is the preliminary stage of electrical construction. To begin with, there is no electrical connection at the construction site; to tackle which, electrical poles are laid down. Alternatively, a generator can be employed as well before a concrete floor is finalized. In case of receptacles, electrical conduits can be used.  In the wet phase of the construction, which is when the house is unprotected by moisture, this is the only step that is carried out by electrical services. 

2] The Rough In 

A stage that is carried out by drilling holes when necessary and is centred on the circuit wiring between the electric box and wall studs.  Usually, once the floors, windows, doors are installed, electrical services commence with this stage. During this stage, all the appliances are put up including lights, exhaust fans, roof lights and so on. Even the wiring associated with television sets or entertainment and security systems are put up. These can take up days or months depending on the area of your house.

3] More temporary needs

Once the sheet rock is put up, major electrical wirings can’t take place. A few additions are made like installation of temperature control systems, receptacles for garage etc. These are temporarily installed since they have potential risk of damage from sheet rock mud and paint. 

4] Finish 

At the final stage, all appliances are installed and affixed where they are supposed to be and are ready to use.

Once all these procedures are done, everything is evaluated and if any erroneous wiring is identified, it is fixed. Since all the above-mentioned stages involve working with electricity at a close proximity and even the slightest mistake can turn into a disaster, it is recommended that you work with professionals who are licensed.