4 Probable Causes of Urban Poverty Existence in Singapore


Singapore might be one of the more well-off countries in Asia, but that doesn’t mean that societal issues don’t exist here. We still grapple with many problems such as a significant portion of the population not being able to obtain living necessities or struggling to provide for their families. Urban poverty is a real and serious problem that we have to address.

It may not look like it, but hundreds and thousands of individuals in Singapore are struggling to provide for their daily needs. While Singapore doesn’t have a clear poverty line, many families in the country still rely on financial assistance to get by.

But what are some of the reasons why urban poverty may still be an ongoing problem in Singapore? Here are a few reasons why.

1) Lack of education.

When you’re not properly educated, you won’t be as competitive as your peers when searching for work. No access to education can lead to a runaway effect where individuals can continue to struggle for their entire lives. Unfortunately, a good education is expensive.

2) No career opportunities.

When businesses shut down or individuals can’t enter certain jobs, it can be difficult for them to earn money.  There needs to be a sufficient number of jobs for people of different skill sets.

3) Social inequality.

The treatment of marginalised groups might be taboo, but it’s still a reality. Social inequality in Singapore has led to families struggling with poverty. We should strive to end discrimination within the country.

4) Lack of assistance.

The Singaporean government consistently provides housing and financial aid to certain families, but long-lasting social programs like education and reform need to be discussed.

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